Development and renewal
When, in the early 1990s, the reviving Hungarian companies sought to renew their leadership model, we voted for cooperation with them, and established CONSACT Ltd. because we thought that there would be an increasing need for qualified organization development and management consultants.
The time passed and the business successes not only proved the correctness of our decision, but also encouraged and stimulated us to develop further and to renew. We have developed a new consulting model, which enables us to support in a more integrated way and more efficiently our clients’ development and financing needs in the management, process control, human resources and IT areas.
The complexity of our services, our advisory work style inspire such value-creating and trustful relationship with our clients, in which they can count on us as cooperating partners in solving various tasks and in maintaining a continuous relationship tailored to their needs.
Our advisory approach is always characterized by compliance with European business and ethical standards. Our success is based on our value-creating work and our ability to meet the strict expectations even amid the conditions of global competition. We are proud that our results have raised CONSACT to the rank of recognized Central European advisory group.
The experience of the past years has strengthened our belief that it is always worth investing energy in renewal and development. I hope you will be convinced of this personally in the near future.

Krämer Tamás 
Managing Director


Our consulting areas

Training – Human resource development




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